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1.13 Getting the Version of the Library

As of now, a QSMM library version is specified in major.minor format. In the future, the libraries with greater major number in their versions may have considerable backward-incompatible changes in the library API. That is, upgrading existing applications to support versions with greater major number may require considerable changes in the source code of those applications.

Getting a string representation of the version

Use the following API function from the header file qsmm.h:

Function: const char * qsmm_version ()

This function returns the version of the QSMM library as a string in major.minor format, e.g. "1.17".

Getting the version of header files of the library

Use the following macro from the header file version.h. This header file is included by the preprocessor #include directive in the header file qsmm.h.


This macro is defined to a string representation of the version of installed header files of QSMM library, e.g. to "1.17". These header files may be utilized when compiling a program that uses the library. Normally, the version of the header files should be equal to the version of QSMM library used while linking the program. See Header Files, for more information about header files of QSMM library.