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1.7 Reporting Bugs and Getting Help

The purpose of the QSMM framework is supporting the synthesis of algorithms. However, such synthesis can be automatically performed from scratch with moderate efficiency only for a small subset of tasks. To increase efficiency, the developer has to provide a proper template for a synthesized algorithm. Such a template is a generic state model specified for the framework using an assembler program that includes probabilistic jump instructions and a set of custom instructions.

As of QSMM version 1.17, the syntax of assembler programs and capabilities of the assembler preprocessor require further development to make possible describing a generic state model essentially by the means of an assembler program. Until the syntax and the capabilities are developed well enough, the specification of a generic state model will often require writing a considerable amount of code in the C programming language.

In addition, the developer may improve algorithms implemented in the QSMM framework or use them in more efficient modes unforeseen by the package author. In some cases that can be done without changing and recompiling the package source code.

Bug fixes

Along with limitations caused by imperfect algorithms used, the package may have bugs too. For quicker fixing bugs in the package and the package documentation, please report them to the QSMM users mailing list with an information page given below.

New feature requests

If you would like to see a new feature in the package (e.g. a new API function, without which it is hard or even impossible to write some kind of applications), then please submit that to the mailing list.

Questions and technical support

Package users are encouraged to ask questions and ask for technical support via the mailing list. Responding may require fixing implicit bugs in the package and informing its author of real examples of package use. This will indeed help to improve the package.

To subscribe to the QSMM users mailing list, unsubscribe from the list, view list archives, and do other actions, use its information page:

Software described in this manual is without any warranty. The software is provided “as is,” in the hope that it will be useful. See GNU General Public License, for more details.

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