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5.3.9 abort Instruction

This instruction is a mixed type instruction. The disassembler can generate it after a user instruction or another mixed type instruction when the disassembler has no information regarding what the state machine should execute after that user or mixed type instruction. This information is typically absent when the state machine executed the user or mixed type instruction only once and that instruction did not return control, or when the disassembler discarded subsequent instructions according to parameters of disassembling.

Use can use the following approach to assemble programs generated by the disassembler containing abort instructions. First, make the disassembler generate a single abort instruction at the end of an assembler program so that there are jumps from its other places to this abort instruction. The disassembler will additionally generate a jump to the beginning of the assembler program just after this abort instruction. Second, implement the abort instruction as the nop1 instruction that has no effect. After you have done these two things, the state machine will transfer control to the beginning of that assembler program when the next instruction to execute is unknown. Such looping may be appropriate in your situation.