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5.9.5 Auxiliary Variables

Auxiliary probability variables act as constants. A controlled or output probability variable can never simultaneously be an auxiliary probability variable. The function qsmm_node_asm replaces the occurrences of auxiliary probability variables in jprob and case instructions with the values of those variables specified using ‘prob’ keywords. You cannot access auxiliary probability variables after loading an assembler program into a node.

You pass the QSMM_ASM_VAR_AUX flag to qsmm_node_asm to load an assembler program containing auxiliary probability variables. An occurrence of a probability variable in an assembler program is valid if the probability variable is a controlled or output probability variable, or if qsmm_node_asm received the QSMM_ASM_VAR_AUX flag. Note that you first register controlled probability variables in an instruction class set, and you pass the QSMM_ASM_VAR_OUT flag to qsmm_node_asm to collect information on output probability variables.