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6.1 Random Number Generators

An actor uses a random number generator as a source of randomness to stochastically emit output signals according to their probabilities.

A standard random number generator used in QSMM is actually a pseudo-random number generator. By default, the GNU Scientific Library provides the pseudo-random number generator. A developer can provide a custom random number generator for using by QSMM. Such custom random number generator may actually be a pseudo-random number generator or may provide real random numbers obtained using some physical process.

Whereas using a random (not pseudo-random) number generator adds a sense of “free will” to a system, improper application of the random number generator in the system might be comparable with a brain injury. The selection of a method of interfacing a physical process with a system via a random number generator might affect whether the system behaves as an integral or separate part of the environment. Currently, QSMM might not support developing systems behaving as integral parts of the environment.