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5.12 Unloading the Probability Profile

Use the function described below to unload statistics and a probability profile from a node.

Function: int qsmm_node_unload (qsmm_t model, qsmm_sig_t node)

This function performs the following operations on a node of a multinode model:

The argument node specifies the identifier of this node.

The function returns a non-negative value on success or a negative error code on failure. Currently, the function can return the following error codes.


A node with identifier node does not exist.


The node is a probability profile source for other nodes. See Memory Efficient Cloning the Probability Profile, for more information on this mode.


The model instance does not exist.


A Storage API function reported storage failure.


Inconsistent statistics on an action choice state or cycle type detected.


Unable to convert a multibyte string to a wide string or vice versa according to a current locale.


There was not enough memory to perform the operation.

Errors QSMM_ERR_STORAGE, QSMM_ERR_STATS, QSMM_ERR_ILSEQ, and QSMM_ERR_NOMEM can leave the probability profile of this node or its statistics in inconsistent state. If after removing a reason of this error a repeated call to this function succeeds, the probability profile and statistics become unloaded.

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